In the 3020i there a two thermal fuses (E401, E402) in the output circuit, you can take these out if you are certain, that you will never short circuit the output. On the earlier original model I believe this protection is done using a relay, and an integrated circuit, I think you will be able to rip out the relay in these versions.

I just ripped out these thermal fuses and replaced them with a piece of SILVER (you have to shout that word to make sure it's stays audiophile) wire, that my good friend Peter gave me.

I do believe this further cleaned up the bass output, of the thing, so much that I will have to find means to reconnect my sub woofers soon. This means that the bass output is now at "normal" and acceptable levels. I'm not working at optimal listening conditions as a friend of mine is playing Battlefield right beside me, but I do believe these thermal fuses had a higher sonic impact, than I would have thought, then maybe again it's the SILVER.

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