I have had this error a couple of times, and each time it took a while to figure out the problem.


Guile, gnutls or some other package fails to find libunistring during the configure stage of emerge.


Compile libunistring locally (belt and suspenders version):

FEATURES="-ditcc -distcc-pump" MAKEOPTS="-j1" emerge -j1 libunistring

The first thing to do if you have manifest errors, is to find out why! Do not blindly recreate your manifests.

After several syncs emerge kept complaining about missing digests for a huge amount of ebuilds on the system. I guess this shuold solve itself at some future sync, but in the meantime I couldn't merge anything because of the mising digest, so I digged around and crafted this command to rebuild all digests/manifests in the portage tree.

find /usr/portage -type d -exec sh -c 'find "{}" -maxdepth 1 -type f -name '*.ebuild'| sort | head -n 1| xargs -r -I --  sudo ebuild -- manifest' ";"

The command finds the first .ebuild file in every subdirectory of /usr/portage and runs sudo ebuld minifest on it.

...And why you shouldn't.

manifest files contain digest and file size of every source tarball that Gentoo uses to build your system. If every manifest is regenerated locally, maliciously changed source tarballs (and we just don not know for sure if there are any, do we) on you computer will get a valid manifest file, making it possible to install it.

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