As I have mentioned, I am building a MIDI controller using the PIC18F4550. The controller has a MIDI in port, and acts as a MIDI to USB converter as well.


  • 10 potentiometers (knobs)
  • MIDI in
  • USB MIDI interface

Missing hardware:

  • Drill and mount the front panel
  • Create and mount the PCB
  • Mount the guts in the case

Missing firmware:

  • Active sense handling
  • MIDI channel selection

As always more details, source code, schematic, and PCB will follow.

I have some PIC18F4550s lying around, and I want to play with the USB features of this chip, therefore I made this breakout board. It contains enough components to get the PICMicro running, and nothing more, all the pins are routed to pin-headers to use with an experimenter board.


  • ICSP connector (In-Circuit Serial Programming, AKA PicKit 2 & 3)
  • USB-B Connector
  • 20Mhz clock crystal

Eagle files:  PIC18F4550 USB ICSP breakout board

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