I have tested the negative tracking regulator today, it differs from the positive regulator, in that it it measures the voltage at the positive output, and adjusts the negative rail accordingly.

Referring to the block diagram in the last post, I will describe the new blocks.

is a differential amplifier just like 2. The first input is taken from ground, the second from the voltage divider H, that samples the midway point between the positive and negative rail. The midway point is essentially 0V, as the positive and negative real should have equal opposite voltages. The difference amplifier will keep this midway point close to zero, by controlling, through the pass transistor 7, the voltage of the negative rail.
is a darlington pass transistor like 3.
is the voltage divider creating the midway voltage for 6.

Everything is working, and the next step is to test the current limiters, which is hopefully going to happen at the beginning of next week.

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