For a couple of weeks now my backspace key has only been working sporadicly, being frightened that I might hammer they key to atoms, I decided to try and clean it. First I found the service manual of my Dell Inspiron 1300, and pulled out the whole keyboard, only to realize, that I was unable to tear it apart like a normal keyboard. The plastic parts had some pins going through the metal baseplate, these had then been melted flat to keep the thing together. If I pulled these "weldings" apart, I would never be able to assemble the thing again.

In this case google wasn't a friend, since it was only concerned with "sticky" keys, and I do not use sugar in my coffee.

In the end I took the button off, like I had done once before to make sure I hadn't missed anything.

I proceeded to take of the plastic piece over the rubber that contains the conducting "drop" in the middle.

I thought it seemed like there were two holes on the rubber, and began thinking of using what I call "contact clean". I tried spraying a little onto the rubber, and I could see it underneath. I then massaged it gently with a finger, through the rubber (still talking about my keyboard), for a while.

I had an editor running, so that I could see the key, slowly began working. I then replaced the plastic part, and the button, and it is working again!

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