I replaced the PSU capacitors for the power amplifier (C508/C509) with some 15000uF/50V parts I had salvaged somewhere else. This may be a little overboard, since the value of the capacitors in the original may very well, serve as protection against overheating the amp. The big idea being, that as the current draw rises, as the amp is turned up, the capacitors can not maintain their charge, thus lowering the supply voltage to power amp (and adding distortion). There is a possibility, that the amp can now overheat at high volumes, due to the larger reserve.

While I had the amp opened, I adjusted the bias (idle current) as well I upped it to 100mA, measuring 100mV across (R455/R456). This means the amp delivers a little more power before leaving class A, and heats up a bit more. I therefore added an extra heat sink, to the one already installed.

The bass of the amp now sound more controlled, and thereby somewhat less excessive, leaving a little more room for the midrange and treble to shine. This is consistent with what others have heard, changing the PSU capacitors. The increased bias current probably does not improve things to the same degree as the capacitors, and I will not recommend this mod unless you are prepared to keep an eye on the amp, checking it is not overheating. But change those capacitors.

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