This is the fifth incarnation of my home page, and just about the only place on the internet, that still uses underlined links. This is not hardcore, this is just simple manageable CSS, and HTML mostly.

I have been stubborn enough to build my own static blog engine around it, in python. I have done this, to get things working the way I wanted rather than conform, no matter the fact that it would have been, in many ways, easier to use a static blog engine among the many fine ones on the net.

So this is me, I'm not particularly fond of web development, only was for a couple of years. I have ended up being fond of Python, though I used to do (and still do some) C, and Assembly coding. I like Linux, I like Windows a little less and use it a lot less. I like music, not that great of a player though. Listening to music, is something I am good at, and I like electronics. Combining these things makes for an exquisite disease, you can never quite shake.

So code and electronics stuff (audio mainly), is what I'm about...