Nice little horsee ;). Well this nice little horsee, and my daughter teamed up to kill my TDA1543 DAC, that I had been stupid enough to leave on the floor for a while during some tests. The heat sink on the 317 regulator was shorted to ground, while the horse had one of its feet planted firmly inside the case. This led to some very disturbing movements of the speaker cones, but everything except the DAC, seem to have survived. I could probably resurrect it with a new regulator, the TDA1543 chip has proven very sturdy, but I think it has had its time. I'm going to build a new one using the TDA1545, because it simple, and later I will upgrade to the Wolfson WM8740.

Yes it has always looked like this, no wonder my daugther didn't think it was of value.

The code is not quite done yet, an horribly inefficient. Just thought I would add it here so that others could use it.


Hi-TECH C code for the Frequency meter

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