The buggers have been lying around while life happened, and I was waiting for the last one I ordered, which was on a neat breakout board. Well I got tired of waiting, and started playing with the ESP12 version. These are some random notes, of things I have discovered during my experiments.

  • My ESP12's have their GPIO4 & GPIO5 pins swapped on the silkscreen.
  • The toolchain for the Arduino ESP8266 IDE seems to be 64-bit.
  • I cannot reliably program using a PL2303 adaptor, but my Raspberry Pi Model B's serial port works fine.
  • In SoftAP mode, the SDK seems to set up a DHCP server on, all without me doing anything but setting the mode, and the AP config.
  • Baud rate at boot is 74880.
  • Untested Zero-wire auto-reset. ( needs a modification to send the break signal).